A51 Cover- Henson, Babinski & Sollazzo (HR)

A-51 cover

A-51 (2013) is a novella published by Arch Enemy Entertainment under the company's novel imprint. The book was written by Neil Herndon and William Wilson, edited by Amity Rodriguez, and the cover was drawn by Eric Henson.  The book is about a boy who finds an alien robot in an old Area 51 building.  Inside the robot is a message:  save the earth.


Everyone thinks they know what happens in Area 51.  

Frankie Swift knows.

He and his father live on the base.  While his father works long hours, Frankie lets his imagination run wild.  In a place where everyone looks out for everyone else, he quickly becomes the base's child.  Everyone looks out for him, and everyone enjoys letting him dream up a new and fantastic adventure.  Frankie was perfectly happy to explore the desert or create a new invention in his garage, until he blew the fuses.

In a search for a portable generator, he stumbled upon an old building that was marked, restricted.  It bore the name, Archangel, an old project from way back.  However, what Frankie found inside wasn't an old plane.  What he found was the remains that happened back in the New Mexico desert when his father was still young.  What he found was a massive robot.

Designed by aliens, built by American hands.

The robot was shelved after the military couldn't gain access to it.  With a single touch, young Frankie Swift found himself sitting in the heart of a robot.  A message from his grandfather explained everything.

Save the planet.  Someone is coming.

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