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Diplomat Issue 1 cover

The Diplomat (2013) is a comic book published by Arch Enemy Entertainment on USA Today as part of the company's Seven Days a Week release.  The book was created by Neil Thompson and William Wilson, written by Neil Thompson, drawn by Claudio Sepulveda.  The cover features the artistic talents of Eric Henson.  The Diplomat focuses on specially trained diplomat to cover affairs between the United States and its enemies. 


On a serene, picturesque morning in the South Pacific, an unidentified aircraft flies over the U.S.S. Grant. Moments later, the ocean’s gaping maw opens beneath the massive aircraft carrier in a merciless display of nature’s brute strength.

Within seconds, the carrier is no more.

Not long after, a tidal wave crashes through southern Oahu, ransacking the Naval base at Pearl Harbor. Almost simultaneously, North Korea suffers a barrage of high-ranking official assassinations. The bellicose nation immediately points the finger toward its rival southern neighbor, and the ensuing ramp in military maneuvers brings the Far East to the brink of war.

Enter the “Diplomat.”

Cain Olsen works in the shadows. His job: to negotiate impossible deals between unwavering oppositions when diplomacy is not an option. At…any…cost. Brought in by government officials in a covert effort to protect U.S. interests, Cain is sent to China to bridge the impasse on the Korean Peninsula. But when he is framed for the deaths of the foreign dignitaries, he instead winds up the focus of an international manhunt. 

Potential U.S. involvement in the assassinations, combined with longstanding relations with South Korea, threaten to put the U.S. in direct conflict with Chinese superpower, whose own national interests pressure them to back the North. International tensions mount across the Pacific, and massive militaries are brought to bear.

Now, in the midst of the international crisis, national police forces and criminal syndicates converge against Cain in a perilous game of cat-and-mouse. The only way to clear his name becomes the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust: uncover the truth behind the North Korean slayings…

...and in the process, uncover the inexplicable link between the deaths and a clandestine super weapon poised to bring the United States to its knees.

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